Openness, tolerance and cordiality are the hallmarks of life in the Cathedral City, and as an Cologne-based agency it’s how we live and breathe. Our mission is to help you host an unforgettable experience — something we have been doing since the year 2000. We specialise in events that move you in more ways than one, i.e. land, on water or in the air.

Our portfolio

Team thinking and spirit provide the focus for most events. Passionate about what we do, our aim is you and your guests closer to this wonderful city on the Rhine by looking at it from an unusual perspective. Everything we do involves a feeling for suspense and dramaturgy — and the Cologne attitude to life.

We advise you on the selection of individual incentive, conference and event programmes. We look forward to meeting you!

The Cathedral City from above - a change of perspective

Discover Cologne from a lofty height. Get in, buckle up, marvel.

TESLA GPS Tour - an adventure on four quiet wheels

Get to know and love Cologne and its charming surroundings by taking a ride in one of the world’s most popular electric vehicles.

Cologne Lights - the fireworks spectacle across the Rhine

Experience Europe’s largest high-altitude firework display set to music on board a ship on the Rhine.

A look behind the scenes of Rhein Energie STADIUM

On this tour it goes round and round! With a bike, an e-bike or an e-scooter, you will travel through the picturesque city forest towards the Rhein-Energie-Stadium. During the stadium tour you will not only hear interesting anecdotes.

Nürburgring - pure adrenaline meets goosebumps

Who wouldn’t want to experience the world-famous racetrack up close? Drive where Michael Schumacher once celebrated his legendary victories.

Michael Schumacher Kart-Center Kerpen

This is the place where Michael and Ralf started their careers. Helmet on, positions, step on the gas.


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